LHP Operation

In more neglected cases (2-3 stages of hemorrhoidal disease) we offer the laser removal of hemorrhoids with the help of LHP method. The method consists in cauterizing the hemorrhoid, which have already prolapsed. The hemorrhoid is pierced by a needle and cauterized inside by laser. Then it is sintered and erodes right on your eyes. This treatment of hemorrhoidal disease already requires anesthesia (spinal or general) and takes about half an hour. Our clinic is practically the only one in the Eastern Europe, which makes such operations laser treatment of hemorrhoids!

Publications in medical literature, opinions of experts and reviews of patients indicate that laser treatment of hemorrhoids is realizable and highly effective in initial stages of the disease as well as with external hemorrhoids, even in the case of their thrombosis.

Benefits of this method

The method of hemorrhoids removal with a help of a laser has a lot of benefits. Yes, this way of hemorrhoid treatment is completely painless procedure. Moreover, reviews of patients who underwent this surgery show, that the recovering period takes less than 2 weeks.

Moreover, the laser hemorrhoids treatment does not need much time - no more than 30 minutes. The patient does not need any special preparations before the removal of hemorrhoids by this method. Coagulation of hemorrhoids by laser is performed without blood loss, as cauterizing them with a laser beam prevents the development of bleeding. That is why it is convenient to perform this procedure outpatient.

The recovering period is very short. Patients leave the clinic almost immediately. Their reviews indicate that most of them go to work the next day.

In comparison to other modern minimally invasive methods of hemorrhoids treatment, such as infrared photocoagulation or transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization, the laser procedure is surely less traumatic.  


It is important for patient to seek for the qualified help early as much as possible, because it increases the chance to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly and effectively. It should be noted that many patients, who have previously consulted with the proctologist and know their diagnosis, are inclined to believe that ointments and candles will help during the next exacerbation of the disease. Of course, this is a mistake and it leads to the further development of hemorrhoids.

To get rid of hemorrhoids successfully use the possibilities of modern methods of treatment in our Clinic.

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