HeLP Operation

In early stages (stage 1-2) of hemorrhoidal desease the most highly effective method of its removal is laser surgery by the HeLP method.

The Clinic of Laser Medicine was the first clinic in Eastern Europe, which began to use the HeLP method . This is a relatively new technique of hemorrhoids treatment not only in Latvia but in the whole world. During the procedure, blood vessels, which  feed the hemorrhoids are cauterized by laser. These vessels are painfully enlarged and cause the hemorrhoidal disease. This method of treatment is used in the early stages of the disease when hemorrhoids are not prolapsed from the anus but the patient complains on pain, itching and sometimes bleeding. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and the patient can go home immediately after it. The procedure of laser trearment of hemorrhoids is painless and the patients do not feel pain during the recovery period too.


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