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The situation, when you have spider veins on your legs and a capillary network stands out prominently certainly is not pleasant. Fortunately, in cases when it is only a painless cosmetic defect, which does not lead to edema, this problem can be solved easily and quickly with sclerotherapy. Currently sclerotherapy is one of the most affordable and effective methods of varicose veins and blood vessels treatment, though it is known for more than a century.

One of the most important advantages of sclerotherapy is its quickness - the whole procedure takes about 15 minutes. After that the spider veins on your legs will disappear!


  • The procedure of sclerotherapy is cheap, painless and does not leave scars.
  • You do not need to stay in a hospital.
  • The procedure is carried out without anesthesia.
  • The procedure is safe for the elderly and people with various chronic diseases.
  • The procedure lasts 15 minutes.


The price begins from 65 EUR.

Discover the price of varicose veins treatment


Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine

How does this work?

During the sclerotherapy the special foam is injected in a large blood vessel, which causes its damage. Thereafter, vessel walls are compressed together and overgrow, forming a connective tissue. This operation is painless and is performed without anesthesia. Sclerotherapy is completely safety and can be applied to people of all ages even with various chronic diseases. Right after sclerotherapythe patient can go home as rehabilitation in the hospital is not required. However, a short course of compression therapy with compression socks is recommended.

If phlebologist diagnoses the varicose of deep veins, you will need the procedure of laser treatment of varicose veins.


Frequently asked questions

It is necessary to run diagnostics before the procedure, because your doctor has to define the blood flow in your deep and saphenous veins. Diagnostics (duplex sonography, assessment of the central veins, etc.) also can be held here in the Dr. Maurins Clinic of Phlebology and Laser Medicine.
The treating phlebologist has to define the blood flow in your deep and saphenous veins, so we conduct an examination with duplex sonography method. We also need to assess the condition of central veins, because providing the necessary treatment of the patient and helping to avoid chronic venous insufficiency arethe most important things for a doctor. If we have found the incipience problems with femoral vein we implement preventive measures to prevent the development of the diseasebefore thinking about the cosmetic aspects
There will be a dark stream on the skin for some time after the procedure, which will gradually disappear. It is necessary to take a course of compression therapy - to wear compression stockings and to do sports such as swimming or skiing. It improves blood circulation in tissues. However, intensive exercises are not recommended.
Spider veins on your legs are just a grid of veins, a painless cosmetic defect, which can be easily and quickly removed by sclerotherapy.
We can say - no. It is painless and not very expensive, but it is necessary to warn you: the woman should also be involved in her treatment process. You probably have already heard about the method of sclerotherapy, during which the special foam is injected into the vessel, that causesthe damage of its inner layer and tits walls are compressed, which allows them to grow together forming a scar tissue. Thus, the sick and unsightly veins close. The pigment of blood will be seen on the skinfor some time, looking like dark patches, which are gradually brightening. After the injections the patient willhave to wear compression stockings. It is also advisable to do some exercises to improve microcirculation in tissues. This will accelerate the disappearance of pigmentation. Swimming, particularly intensive with fins will be the most suitable for this purpose. It gives a good load on the muscles of legs. Skiing also provides a steady load.

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