Prof. Dr. med. Uldis Mauriņš

Surgeon, phlebologist, Doctor of Medicine

Dr. med. Uldis Mauriņš has graduated from the Latvian Academy of Medicine, has completed training at Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital (surgical residency). He obtained doctor degree in phlebology from the University of Bonn. Thesis supervisor was Professor Eberhard Rabe, an internationally recognized expert in venous disease diagnostics and treatment.

Dr. Med. Uldis Mauriņš is the president of the Baltic Society of Phlebology, member of the Latvian Surgeons Association, the member of the German Society of Phlebology, the Mexican Society of Phlebology, the Latvian Society of Phlebology and International Union of Phlebology, as well as the board member of International Mini-phlebectomy Forum. At the same time he is the author of many scientific and popular-science publications, devoted to diagnostics and treatment of venous diseases.

He started his professional activities as surgeon at the Surgical Clinic of Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital. For nine years has worked as a surgeon-phlebologist at Veselības Centrs 4 (Health Center 4). In 2011 together with his brother Ģirts Mauriņš he set up a company “Flebomedika”, Ltd. and at present he works as a surgeon-phlebologist at “Dr.Mauriņa Vein Center”, as well as on a regular basis gives consultations to patients in the regions of Latvia.

Dr. med. Uldis Mauriņš has been awarded many international awards and grants. He is an internationally recognized expert in venous laser therapy, particularly specializing in surgery and phlebology. He performs training of the practitioners of medicine in Latvia and other European countries on a regular basis.

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