Varicose Vein Treatment With Laser Therapy

Do you have varicose veins? Treat this disease in the most modern way!

Symptoms of varicose veins are pain and heaviness in legs, bulging and inflamed veins, dry and irritated skin and itching over veins, as well as bleeding and even open ulcers on the ankle area.

In our clinic the treatment of varicose veins begins with the establishment of an accurate diagnosis using duplex sonography of leg veins. During the consultation and the examination our doctor will determine the exact diagnosis, the detailed plan and the price of treatment.

If the diagnostics shows, that you have varicose veins, laser treatment will be the best option, because it is one of the most modern and safety methods in the world.  

We offer you to treat varicose veins of your legs in our clinic with the help of one of the world's most modern techniques - laser treatment of varicose veins.



  • Diagnostics is completely painless.
  • Diagnostics of both legs takes 10-15 min.
  • Efficient plan of the treatment.
  • All costs are known in advance.

Before and After

перед лазерной операции
через месяц после лазерной операции с лазером Biolitec
перед лазерной операции
после лазерной операции


The price of laser operation of veins startsfrom 900 euro.

Discover the price of varicose veins treatment


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How does the process of the laser treatment of varicose veins look like?

Treatment of varicose veins by laser therapy is a fast, effective and safe method. The operation is entirely painless, because it is performed under the local anesthesia and takes about 25-55 minutes. The patient can go home on foot immediately after the procedure.

During the removal of varicose veins by laser a thin wire, that emits laser light, is injected in the injured vein. In our clinic we use the apparatus Biolitec ELVeS Painless 1470 nm, which has a specific wavelength, pulse parameters and power. Thus, a damaged section of vein is closed and eventually absorbed without any trace.

Only the damaged part of vein is affected during an operation and surrounding tissue is not practically injured. It is important, that the operation does not leave scars and other cosmetic defects, because the treatment of varicose veins by laser passes without incisions. One more advantage is a very low risk of developing varicose veins again.

After the operation, patient leaves the operating theater on foot and can go home after an hour. You can go to work in a day or maximum in three days after that.




Frequently asked questions

Although it is widely believed that the laser treatment of varicose veins is much more expensive than the classic vein surgery, the differencein price is not big. Cost of operation varies from 850 to 1,500 euros including cost of the hotel. More about the price of the vein treatment you can find here.
You should not be afraid of pain during the surgery. The whole procedure is completely painless and is performed under the local anesthesia.There is no legsoreness after the surgery too, as there is no significant traumatic effect on tissue.
During the operation, a special wire is injected in the vein through a small incision. Laser light under ultrasound is carried out to the damaged area of the vein. With the help of laser energy, the damaged section of the vein is closed and the blood circulation stops to occur throughit. We would like to emphasize once again that the surgery is performed under ultrasound guidance, which ensures high accuracy and safety during operation.
The laser treatment of varicose veins does not require a long recovery process. The patient is discharged from the hospital immediately after the surgery, but on the way home we recommend you to have an easy walk.
"Leg veins can bring both medical and aesthetic problems!" - says the head of the Dr. MauriņshVein Clinic, the Doctor of Medical Science, surgeon and phlebologistUldisMaurinsh. There are many clinics, which propose qualitative treatment. But there are those, which for various reasons have lowered their standards, and their results are not successful. We have the most advanced technologies, but I want to admit, that everybody can buy them. The decisive factor in determining the quality of treatment is a doctor. Thus, the most important factor is the professional qualifications, training, maintenance and development of professionalism. I always emphasize how important for the surgeon-phlebologist is an experience and I always encourage patients to find out before the surgery, how often their doctor does such operations. You can hardly expect a good result, if he does them only a few times a year.

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