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The Dr. Maurinsh Clinic is one of the most modern clinics of laser medicine and veins treatment in Europe.

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Thousands of patients visit our clinic every year. We successfully treated their varicose veins, trophic ulcers and other diseases of veins using modern, safe and proven methods.

The Vein Center offers a sclerotherapy of leg veins, laser surgery and other services.

Services and technologies, which are offered in the Dr. Maurinsh Clinic, concede to offers of the world's leading clinics but its prices are much more affordable.

There are only highly qualified phlebologists and vascular surgeons in our Center.

We are situated in Riga, Latvia

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Our placements - 6 operating theaters, 20 consulting and procedure rooms and 7 wards - are spacious and comfortable. Here, in a modern building surrounded by pine trees of Mežaparks, you will meet professional doctors and attentive staff, who will make your visit pleasant and comfortable.

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