Dr. Inga Melbārde-Gorkuša

In 2002 she graduated from Medical Academy of Latvia, in 2009 completed internship studies at Riga Stradins University in speciality of surgeon, but in 2011 she completed her doctor studies in medicine at Riga Stradins University. 

She is a researcher at Riga Stradins University's Oncology institute, a member of Latvian Surgeons Association, European Society of Coloproctology, Latvian Surgeons Association's Coloproctology department. She has written 15 internationally quotable publications and is a co-author of more than 60 international publications. 

She has completed an international training in anal fistula diagnostics and treatment at St. Mark's hospital in London (supervisor prof. J. Philips), anal fistula laser coagulation surgery (supervisor priv. doc. A. Wilhelm), haemorrhoid surgery with a HEEA mechanical suturing device (supervisor Dr. A. Georgios), haemorrhoid laser surgery (supervisor doc. A. Martinsons). 

Speciality - diagnostics of colon and rectum diseases, treatment using drugs and surgery, application of minimally invasive method in cases of haemorrhoidal diseases and anal mucous membrane raptures, diagnostics and surgical treatment of chronic constipation and incontinence of faeces, conventional and laser surgery of skin and subcutaneous formations.

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