Dr. med. Aigars Martinsons

He has graduated from Valmiera Secondary school No1, Riga Stradins University (doctor's degree) and done internship in surgery. In 2004 he received his doctor's degree in medicine. He has written one scientific monograph and been a co-author of 4 books on surgery. He is author of 12 international publications. He has spoken in more than 60 international conferences and congresses. He is associate professor at Riga Stradins University. 

He has done his fieldwork at Dusseldorf and Lubeck university surgical clinics in Germany (topics - minimally invasive surgery, surgical coloproctology), he has completed training at St. Mark's hospital in London (topic - current events in coloproctology). He has received a Muller-Osten scholarship from German Surgeons Association. He is a member of Latvian Surgeons Association, European Association for Endoscopic Surgery, World University Coloproctology Association and European Society of Coloproctology. He is a member of Latvian Surgeons Association board. He is a chair of Latvian Surgeons Association's Coloproctology department. 

He has completed a three stage training in Stapled Transanal Rectal Resection (STARR) in cases of chronic constipations (St. Elisabeth University hospital in Vienna, head A. Longo, ETHICON European Institute for minimally invasive surgery in Hamburg, performance of surgeries under expert supervision in Tartu University hospital). He has completed training in laser surgery application in case of haemorrhoidal disease (Dr. R. Salfi private clinic in Cagliari, Italy) and a doppler-guided haemorrhoidal artery ligation (Prof. K. Ratto GEMELLI university polyclinic in Rome). He has completed an international training in haemorrhoidal knot laser coagulation surgeries (supervisors: prof. V. Nutz, priv. doz. A. Wilhelm). In 2009 he was the first to start haemorrhoidal laser surgeries in Baltic States and Eastern Europe (the fourth in Europe). 

Speciality - diagnostics of colon and rectum diseases, treatment using drugs and surgery, minimally invasive method application in cases of haemorrhoidal diseases and anal mucous membrane raptures, diagnostics and surgical treatment of chronic constipation and incontinence of faeces, ultrasonic examination of rectum and colon.

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