Dr. Ints Bruņenieks

Surgeon, phlebologist, proctologist

Dr. Ints Bruņenieks has graduated from Riga Pauls Stradins University, Faculty of Medicine. In 2006 he received a surgeon's certificate, but in 2009 - a phlebologist's certificate. He wrote his internship's final scientific paper on surgical treatment methods of epithelial passages.

Dr. Ints Bruņenieks is one of the first who in Latvia performed a Karydakis surgery to treat a sinus pylonidalis. He has done his fieldwork at Hochst University Clinic in Frakfurt upon Main and in one of Europe's leading coloproctology centres – St. Josef Hospital in Wiesbaden. He has specialised in diagnostics of rectum diseases and conservative and surgical treatment.  He is one of the proctological laser surgery initiators in Latvia.

Dr. Ints Bruņenieks is a member of Latvian Surgeons Association, Latvian Surgeons Association's Coloproctology  department board, European Society of Coloproctology, he is also a national representative of European Society of Coloproctology in Latvia and a member of Latvian Society of Phlebology and Baltic Society of Phlebology.

Dr. Ints Bruņenieks is a co-author of many internationally quotable publications. He has been published in the local and international press, participated in congresses in Latvia and Europe. As a phlebologist he has done his fieldwork while participating in training courses in Latvia and abroad. He has mastered endoluminal and conventional vein surgery methods. He has written numerous publications in phlebology.

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